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Logic Raps Fast in Maryland (Music Video) [PARODY]

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Logic went back to his hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland to rap really really fast. (Lyrics below)
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Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/brentpella
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/brentpella
Tour Dates - http://www.brentpella.com/calendar
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/brentpella

Shot by Diante Jenkins - http://www.diantejenkins.com
Vocals mixed by Rex Lee - mademanpro@hotmail.com
Everything else by Brent Pella


Yeah I am in Maryland/Yeah I am in Maryland
Yeah I am in Maryland/I am in Maryland
Yeah I am in Maryland/Yeah I am in Maryland
Yeah I am in Maryland/Bitch I am from Maryland

They call me Logic…but I got so many nicknames

Bobby Tarantino Bobby Boy Young Sinatra
The Gaithersburg God or the Mayor of Maryland
Yea I’m rooting for the Terrapins
That collagen supplement got my hairline growing back again
My phone be blowing up it’s probably my best friend Eminem

L - What’s up Marshall!
E - oh…uh…wrong number…

Was just a boy who loved to smile and then all of the sudden
Became the illest in the game shoutout to Joe Budden
Yeah I’m one of the illest to spit it/I love to eat pickles and kick it
If you wanna chill in Montgomery Village
I’ll show you favorite cards of Cal Ripken


I love rapping fast and you see my glasses?
I am what would happen if Harry Potter started rapping
Visionary bro/half and half like an Oreo
So many fucking syllables
I’m from MoCo yea Shady Grove
And did you know/my favorite fucking cereal is Cheerios?

My best friend is Marshall
All my shirts are too small
And if you - Hello??

E - Damn it!
L - Ratt Pack!

Original song: Pardon My Ego by Logic

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