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The Stay Ready Pod * "MMZ ILIVELIFE" * Interview

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*{Video Note}*- " Sorry For The Slurr' And Obvious Sounds Of Me Drinkin..... Like Heavy.lol. I was already 5/8th Into Some Paul And Was Just About To Take Stage And Stumbed Into A Dope Pod Cast Host J.Hill (@Stayreadypod) So,,,, Idk I May Over Compensate With Emotion.... And Yes He's A Monster...... But R.Kelly Still A Clasic FyM," - MMZ ILiveLife (@IAmILiveLife)
*Sit-In Commentary By: SLIM HOOD (@IamSlimHood)

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VOTE FOR "MMZ ILIVELIFE" #XXL Freshman Class 2020 *Pre Selected
"{I Dont Wanna Rap, I Wanna Change The World!}'
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?? I make 60% of my beats, create my own graphic designing, even mix and master myself not to mention write my own and others lyrics. know All my exsposed emotions, stories, actions are realreal and go into every part of my music. Its my own therapy. This wont be what you used too. But its been time for a change....
MMZ ILiveLife

"William "I Live Life" was born November 21, 1989 in Pittsburgh, PA to his mother Tricia Holt and father William Sr. In The Hill District Of the Pittsburgh Projects. At the age of around three ILL's father left home not to be seen again. That Was Tooken In Stride seeing as none of his current friends fathers where around anyways. When ILL turned nine years old due to on-going mental and physical abuse he attempted to kill himself in his room by hanging himself from hims bedroom door leaving him unconscious hanging 7 inches from the ground.The attempt was almost successful but he was saved in his last seconds by his grandmother who was staying with them at the time. He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, A.D.D., and Depression and sent to multiple phyc wards, That's when William.... became ILL = "I Live Life". Enjoy My Stories. @IamILiveLife

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